Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scotchreg Book Tape 845 4 Inches x 15 Yards fix your books in my opinion

The yesterday. I search for information on the Scotchreg Book Tape 845 4 Inches x 15 Yards, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Scotchreg Book Tape 845 4 Inches x 15

Excellent for repairing reinforcing protecting and covering bound edges and surfaces. Use on books magazines pamphlets record album jackets and more.. Read more or Check Price

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This tape really makes the book work for fastening books. Once you put on the book binding is not as fault or crack. Simply does the job. by 88forever

We got this to fix the covers of some books of songs badly worn at our church. He did a great job enhancing the well-worn spines of the books. by mrfixit2011

Good for everything that you may need to clear tape 4inch forthis stuff is strong and see through the clear. Great for sticking labels on ink-jet stuff where it needs to be protected from the ink ... by Jim O.

I do my books and repair old books. This tape works for my projects. No problem with discoloration. Tough stuff . by sedona artist


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